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Prof. Pedro P. Corbi

Bioinorganic Chemistry

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Research Group

The Bioinorganic and Medicinal Research Group was founded in 2009 and it is located at the Institute of Chemistry of the University of Campinas-UNICAMP, Brazil. The group is composed by undergraduate, masters and Ph.D students, which are involved in the development of new metallodrugs for many applications.

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Research Interests

Design, synthesis and characterization of new compounds of platinum, palladium, copper, silver and gold. Evaluation of the activities of the compounds as antibacterial and antitumor agents. Studies of the interaction of the compounds with biomolecules such as DNA and proteins by biophysical assays.

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Training quality human resources for research in medicinal and bioinorganic chemistry, development of new medicines for the treatment of skin bacterial infections, search for new anticancer agents based on cisplatin and analogs.

Medicinal Bioinorganic Chemistry Lab

  • Rua Josué de Castro s/n, Cidade Universitária, Campinas - SP. Brazil. 13083-970
  • +55 (19) 3521-3130
  • ppcorbi@iqm.unicamp.br